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More than 50 years of growing experience

Casa Flora recently celebrated our 54th year as the premier fern plug producer in the country. Founded in 1966 by Naud Burnett – one of the most prominent landscape architects in the Texas/Southwest region, Casa Flora has flourished over the years by supplying the horticulture industry with the highest quality fern products. 

Under the leadership of Casa Flora’s President Richard Lim and the continued guidance of Naud Burnett and his son Burke Burnett, we have continued to excel and innovate in the horticultural field. 

Our main facilities are located in Dallas, Texas. We also have major production facilities in the Apopka area in Florida: a main office/production center in Mount Dora and a satellite office and greenhouses in Apopka. 

Our ferns are produced by both spore and tissue culture, and our foliage plants are produced by tissue culture. We have tissue culture labs at both of our major production hubs, while our state of the art special-purpose lab is located in Dallas, TX. 

Our latest innovations involve increasing the level of automation throughout our entire production process. Because of the complexity of our operations, we are moving carefully but methodically in this direction so as to minimize any possible disruptions to availability.

We’re proud to be rolling out our new tropical houseplant program, the next step in the continued growth of our business and the industry. We’re also slowly introducing a new agricultural (herbs) line. 

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