FedEx is out primary carrier for parcel and LTL shipments, though we frequently ship LTL with many other carriers. Please let us know if you have any preferences or would like to use your own account. Customer or third-party Pickups are allowed (e.g. Peninsula Trucking, Village Green).

Order deadline is Wednesday 12:00 (noon) CST, prior to ship week. Additions or changes to orders must be made before the order deadline. Acceptance of order or changes is not in effect until you have received a confirmation. PLACE ORDERS IN FULL CASE QUANTITIES ONLY.



288 Cell Tray


1,728 per box

$7.60 per box

International shipments from

72 Cell Tray


288 per box

$6.90 per box

Texas: $110.00

Florida: $55.00

40 Cell Tray


120 per box

$6.90 per box

Domestic shipments to

states that require inspections: $10.00

4” Pots


30 per box

$6.90 per box

Casa Flora does not guarantee orders damaged by extreme temperatures. It is the customer’s responsibility to let us know if it is too cold or too hot to ship their order. Orders shipped when temperatures are below 40 degrees will be shipped in a box with insulation. An additional charge of $8.90 per box will be added to the normal boxing charge.  If the customer does not want an insulated box, they must advise Casa Flora. When temperatures are below 20 degrees Casa Flora recommends either holding the order or shipping via an expedited service.

Casa Flora offers color plant tags with specific information (not generic) for each fern variety that we produce.  Please request tags at the time you place your order. Tags are $.17 each and are sold in bundles of 25.